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The Lettie W. Jensen Community Center is committed to supporting Tomorrow River area residents of all ages by providing cultural, social, academic, business, recreational and health-related activities
Jensen Center Business Hours:
Monday- Thursday  
   8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
   8 A.M. to 12:00 P.M.
   (Closed Fridays during the summer)




Residents of the Tomorrow River community have long recognized the uniqueness of this area. One of the qualities that gives this area its special charm is its commitment to community life. As early as the turn of the century, residents recognized the need to provide a facility that would promote and enhance community life. By 1902, this vision was realized with the opening of the Amherst Opera House. For over a half century, area residents gathered in the Opera House for dances, holiday celebrations, political forums, club meetings, talent shows, venison feeds, and fine art performances.

This void was again filled in 1987, with the construction and completion of the Lettie W. Jensen Community Center. Since then, area residents have been well-served by a community center made possible by the generous endowment of the family of Lettie W. Jensen, a one-time resident who knew the pleasures of community life here. Area senior citizen and youth groups, civic organizations, and service clubs have all enjoyed the comfort and convenience of this facility. Musical concerts, recitals, community theatre, fine arts activities, and festivals have all found a home in the Jensen Center. Please call for a quote on your upcoming event!

Amherst Area 
Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors
David Wright, President
Jason Blenker,  Vice President
Paul Graham, Secretary
Wayne Orthwein, Treasurer
Tom Pease
Mary Peplinski
Jerry Riederer
Vickie Vaughn
Sandra Lynne Schmutzler
Dennis Raabe

Office Staff

Cathy Praxmarer
Executive Director
Jodi Engum Kryshak
 Promotions/Marketing Associate

Jennie Wierzba
Activities Associate
Chris Pehoski
Building Maintenance Manager
Randy L. Clausen
Community Spirit News
     Lettie Jensen Community Center, Amherst, WI, (715) 824-5202