2022 Person of the Year: Ida Frizzell

Nominated by Ed Haebig

The many reasons I’m nominating Ida for this award are understated. She is a person who acts on behalf of her community, no matter what the cause. She helps at church events and gives her time to the Lions and Lioness local groups. Any fundraiser in the area can count on Ida showing up. She has been an active member of the local Red Hat Society, helping reach out to people when needed.

You can also count on Ida to help out community members recently back from the hospital. She shows up with a home-cooked meal and her company. Whether you’re in physical need or just having a difficult time, Ida is a friend to everyone, showing up on doorsteps with homemade pies.

Ida’s personality encompasses all the aspects of what the Person of the Year should be. I would love to see her win this award.

Nominated by Diana Bohman

Ida is a caring person who recognizes community members’ birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions with a pie, cake, or other delicious treat. She also is the first one to send whole meals in times of crisis. Ida is a First Responder in a loving way. Her German Potato salad is always a highlight of the Holiday Bazaar at the Jensen Center. If a volunteer is needed here in Amherst, Ida is there. Her cookies for the Lion’s Fourth of July cookout are the best. If someone is in need of help, Ida will do whatever is required. She moved an older woman to Montana because her son could not come back to Wisconsin. Ida has contributed generously to the Lettie Jensen Library. Her list of good deeds goes on and on. She is a very humble lady and doesn’t seek recognition.

Among her involvement and achievements are:

  • Active member of St Paul’s Lutheran Church.
  • Board member of Orphan Train Organization.
  • Collecting used home furnishings, furniture, clothing, personal items, etc. She stores and delivers items to Westfield at her expense that are then sent all over the United States and abroad.
  • Member of Tomorrow River Lioness/Lions, helping with all their projects.
  • Served on advisory committees for the Amherst community.
  • Served on the Jensen Center Board during the auditorium completion and serves on the Amherst Opera House Board.
  • Participates in Jensen Center presentations by attending and donating.
  • Took numerous trips south after Hurricane Katrina and worked on repairing homes and businesses.

Please consider this lovely lady in recognizing her love of the Tomorrow River Community.


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