Thank You For Supporting Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich our community by providing opportunities for all individuals to connect, learn, and grow through diverse and engaging activities, programs, and events.

We are grateful for the generosity of our donors who provide financial support to sustain our organization and mission. Since opening in 1988, we have been dedicated to community engagement through our facility where all are welcome. We do not receive any government funds to maintain or operate our facility and we therefore rely exclusively on your generosity.

We have recently announced a capital campaign that we call the 3Stage Expansion project. Please choose where you would like your funds to go by clicking on your choice below.


Two Ways To Donate

3Stage Expansion Donations

To contribute to and learn more about our current 3Stage Expansion capital fundraising campaign, please click the image below.

Annual Donation Appeal

For tax-deductible donations towards regular upkeep, maintenance, and programming, please click the image below.