2024 Jensen Center Youth Soccer wraps up season

The Jensen Center Youth Soccer season ended for the 6-8 grade teams with a tournament on Sunday, May 19. Taking first place was the Northwind Renewable Energy team (in green shirts) with second place going to the Tomorrow River BP team (in the gray shirts). Third place was awarded to the Roberts Physical Therapy (blue shirts) and fourth place went to the Village of Amherst team (red shirts).


Despite rainy Spring weather delaying the start of the season and, later, causing a few games to be rescheduled, the 2024 Jensen Center Youth Soccer program was one of its most successful to date. More than 300 children from 4K through eighth grade participated, with many coming from surrounding communities to play.

Soccer Coordinator Jason Snyder faced a challenge for the final tournament day for the grades 6-8 teams. Other athletic events on Saturday, May 18, forced the rescheduling of the tournament to Sunday, May 19, on the Falcon Field turf.

After all was said and done, the Northwind Renewable Energy placed first, with the Tomorrow River BP team coming in second. Third and fourth places went to the Roberts Physical Therapy and the Village of Amherst teams, respectively.

Thanks to everyone for a great season!

The Jensen Center Youth Soccer Program would like to thank the following individuals:


These devoted individuals took time out of their lives to give kids the opportunity to be outside doing! Coaching takes patience and selflessness.


Everette Elizalde

Codi Gerdes

Jack Marx

Hailey Northouse

Stephanie Pearce

Abby Sankey

Lorraine Torrey

Shelly Utecht


Katie Alm

Abbie Fischer

Judson Fisher

Rebecca Gaboda

Nick Hasler

Ashley Held

Tanya Mitchell

Brandon Stremkowski

Jeff Taylor

David Tessman

Adam Trinko

Adam Wirtz

Fred Zblewski


Katie Alm

Judson Fisher

Ashley Held

Tanya Mitchell

Nathan Reichle

Scott Reilly

Terrance Roloff


Jake Barnes

Craig Littleton

Earl Nations

Lily Passwaters

Hannah Rekowski

Laura Rooney

Trent Towne

Noah Utecht


Jack Bohm

Daniel Bootz

Brian Noel

Brian & Andrea Richards

Becky Roberts

Tara Thompson


These brave souls include those that stepped in on no notice just to help out.

Shayden Abbott-Beversdorf

Julian Anthony

Sandor Cibaric

Ian Dudley

Carter Ebben

Milo Graham

Sonny Graham

Ethan Haas

Logan Herod

Ayden Kazda

Desmond Rooney

Jacob Ruggles

Isaac Snyder

Oliver Snyder

Isaac Spolestra

Trekk Tubbs

Colton VanderLaan

Maxim Wise

Antek Zoromski-Linde

Special Thanks

Jake Barnes

Paul Graham

Sue Kulich

Ted Lasso

Erik Linde

Ryan Pikka

Brian and Andrea Richards

Ben & Otto Schultz

Bobbi Snyder

The Tomorrow River Schools for field usage

UWSP coaches, players, mascot, and food truck

The kind souls who helped place and remove the goals.

The fine folks at Amherst Spirit Wear and King Cone.

All the sponsors who made half of our shirts not blank.

Every other special someone who took time out of their days to get the kids to the games.


Early-bird registration for the 2025 season opens December 1, 2024, on the Jensen Center website.

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