ADRC Update: January 2022 Senior Meals Resume!

Happy New Year!

The Aging & Disability Resource Center (ADRC) Nutrition Program strives to promote health and independence with balanced nutrition and social interaction for seniors. The program provides seniors the opportunity to enjoy healthy, delicious foods, stay connected, and be active, vital members of our community. Participants aged 60 and older and their spouses can access meals at congregate dining sites or through home-delivered meals, as well as take advantage of other supportive services.

All meals are cooked from scratch with real and local ingredients in our clean certified kitchen by our experienced team of cooks. The Nutrition Program’s registered dietitian pays attention to food selection and preparation to reduce fat, sugar, and sodium, and includes a variety of foods—including local—when possible. Education is provided promoting better health through accurate and culturally sensitive information and instruction about nutrition and physical fitness.

We are happy to announce that we will re-open our senior dining sites on Monday, February 14. We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, and I’m sure you have, too. Below are some questions and answers to basic information about our program, as well as what you can expect when we open.

  1. What is Senior Dining? The purpose of the Senior Dining Program, also called Congregate Dining, is to serve healthy, well-balanced meals, and to provide social engagement and information on healthy aging, connect people to programs and resources, and offer meaningful opportunities to volunteer.
  2. What will the meal cost? Meals are offered to participants 60 years and older; the suggested donation is $4 per meal. No person will be turned away if unable to contribute, and all contributions are confidential. We ask that you contribute what you can afford whether it be less or more than the suggested donation rate.
  3. Are the Grab ’n’ Go and Curbside Pickup programs still available? Grab ’n’ Go will be an option at all sites because we understand there may be some participants who do not yet feel comfortable dining with others. Since we can’t begin dining together until February, Grab ’n’ Go will continue at Lincoln Center, and will begin at Amherst, Plover, and Junction City dining sites in late January or early February. The Curbside Pickup program will continue at the Lincoln Center on Wednesdays. Please call your site manager for details if you are interested in either of these options.
  4. Do you have to make a reservation? Yes. Please call at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your meal.
  5. Is transportation available? Yes. If you need a ride, call Central Transportation at (715) 341-4490.
  6. What if I’m not 60 years old yet? Anyone is welcome to come and dine at any of our sites! Persons who are not eligible for the suggested contribution rate will be charged the full cost of the meal, currently $8.25.
  7. What time is the meal served? Meals are generally served at Noon. Please check with your dining site for the time the meal is served when you make a reservation. Grab ’n’ Go pick up times vary by site, so ask when you make your reservation.
  8. What COVID-19 safety precautions will the Senior Dining Program follow? We understand that we serve the older adult population who are at greater risk for COVID-19. We will follow guidance from Portage County Public Health and will stay up to date with the most recent guidelines and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The following are safety precautions we will use at our dining sites, subject to change as new information is released:
  • Staff and volunteers will be expected to follow updated CDC guidelines regarding face coverings and social distancing
  • Proper cleaning and sanitizing will continue throughout the dining sites
  • Tables at dining locations will be distanced to accommodate CDC guidelines
  • We would prefer that you keep your mask on except while eating and drinking
  • If you want to discuss precautions prior to dining, please call your dining site manager.

We are elated to be back in Amherst at the Jensen Community Center and look forward to getting back in contact with each of you. Amherst Senior Dining Site Manager Lisa Bey will be your contact person and her phone number is (715) 347-4856. Or you can always call the ADRC at the Lincoln Center at (715) 346-1401 or (866) 920-2525, with any questions.

If you need help, please call United Way’s 211 or the ADRC at (866) 920-2525 to learn about available resources. For immediate assistance or if you would like other information about community services for older adults, call the ADRC at (715) 346-1401. The Nutrition Program Office is located at the ADRC at Lincoln Center, 1519 Water Street, Stevens Point.

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