By Merry Dudley, High School Executive Secretary

With the new entrances completed just before the beginning of the school year, we didn’t have much time to explain to parents and visitors about which entrances they should use when visiting our school.

Below is an aerial map provided by the architects that should help you find the closest entrance to what you need.

Let’s start with the basics. The District Office and the High School Office are now located in the back of the building, closest to Heartland Farms Field (our awesome turf field) and our cafeteria. This is the orange-ish area at the top left corner of the map. You can enter Lot A from School Street, which runs along the south side of our school. Visitors to the High School and District Offices should park in Lot A. If you are dropping off a High School student, please enter Lot A (not the bus loop) and let your student off in the parking lot.

If you have business with the District Office, please use their entrance at the very corner of the building. (It will eventually have signage.) This is the place to find District Administrator Ryan Ruggles, along with the offices of Becky Galvin, Marilyn Orsund, and Samantha Srnka. This is also the place to go if you are looking for a Silver Pass for our athletic games or if you are dropping off applications or surveys.

If you are looking for the High School Office, please come to Door C9, which is also one of the doors to our cafeteria. If you are picking up a High School student, please meet them in this area since they need to sign out in the High School Office before leaving. The only caveat to this rule is if your student is calling from the nurse’s office, which is next to the Middle School and Elementary entrance on the opposite corner of the school.

Visitors to the Middle School and Elementary should enter the front parking lot off North Main Street and follow the drop-off loop. This office area is also orange on the map, and the drop-off loop is shown with blue arrows. The Elementary and Middle School entrances are right next to each other, located next to the edge of the old Ag/Tech Ed Building in the corner of the current construction zone. If you have a student in Middle School or Elementary, you should be using these doors for drop-off and pick-up. You should also use these entrances to visit Elementary Principal Sherry Oleson and Middle School Principal Ashley Phelan. And as mentioned above, these are the closest entrances to pick up children from the nurse’s office.

If you are coming for an event in our High School or Middle School gymnasiums, or perhaps an event on the cafeteria stage, please continue to use Door C9. Just be aware that parking is at a premium so allow extra time for walking. The doors at the front of the school, off Main Street, are not open during the school day.

The High School Office has received a lot of visitors looking for the Elementary and Middle School offices. We enjoy the visits, but we feel bad when we have to tell you that you are on the wrong corner of the building. We can’t always leave the office unattended to walk you from end to end, so often the best solution is to drive around to the other side of the school. We hope this explanation, and the accompanying map, will help you get to where you need to go!

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