Diana Bohman reflects on years of service

By Gregg Gutschow

Tomorrow River Schools Director of Marketing, Communications and Fundraising

Amherst’s Diana Bohman has retired after 15 years on the Tomorrow River School Board and 27 years as a Tomorrow River Schools teacher. Recently, she took time to reflect on her career.


How did your career as a teacher and your service relate to your work on the school board?

My teaching career spans more than 40 years with some of that time spent as a vocational and inner city teacher in Minneapolis and 27 years as a teacher here in Amherst. During the past 15 years on the school board, I was also co-chair on the CESA 5 Board, secretary of the Wisconsin Rural Schools Alliance Board, and a mentor for the Wisconsin Association of School Boards.


What are some of the achievements or programs at the Tomorrow River School District during your time as a teacher and Board member that give you the most satisfaction?

Being a Family and Vocation Education (FACE) and a FHA (Future Homemakers of America) HERO advisor for 40 years was very satisfying, but, more specifically, always seeing outstanding abilities in so many of my students. I had an open-door policy at my home that if students were considering running away, they could come here and be safe. As to the school board, working with a very cooperative board was wonderful. We were a great team and did a lot to benefit our students. I’m proud of the Tomorrow River Community Charter School. Grants helped to cover the cost of the Waldorf School, and it has great leadership. I’m proud that the board voted to move forward with that project and allow another path for area students. Further, to the so many great Amherst students who have gone on to become doctors, health care workers, educators, engineers, bankers, writers, CEOs, farmers, politicians, clergy, and many more, thinking about that makes me especially proud.


Are there any individuals or groups you would like to thank or recognize for their support during your time working with the school district?

I am thankful for all who make up this amazing area, especially our students who choose to reside here as adults and become some of our greatest assets; my fellow school board members, co-workers, and support staff; the community and its great local businesses; the parents and grandparents with whom I’ve had a chance to work directly; and all of the wonderful students who inspired me. Thank you all!

Diana Bohman was recently presented with a commendation award for her Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) service by Tomorrow River School District Board President Mark Kryshak.

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