In the Jensen Center Lobby: Art by Hanna Kropidlowski

Hanna Kropidlowski

Hanna Kropidlowski is a senior at Amherst High School. Her art pieces “Wild Ways,” “Pumpkin Cat,” and “Outer Space” are on display in the Jensen Community Center lobby this spring.

What was your inspiration for “Pumpkin Cat”?

This piece was inspired by a ceramic piece I made my freshman year near Halloween. The piece had a jack-o-lantern that had a black cat sticking out of it. The head and paws came out through the side of the pumpkin, and the black tail curled out from the top of the pumpkin. I thought this piece would be something fun and different to recreate into a drawing. I made a few changes to the drawing though. Instead of a black cat, I choose a softer colored cat so that it wouldn’t look too harsh inside the pumpkins. The cat is also peeking out of the pumpkin instead of sticking out of all parts of a jack-o-lantern.

What do you want people to know about your creation process?

I want my artwork to be unique. I will spend time going back and adding details to specific areas of my projects. I find it difficult to picture my artwork that I am trying to create. I have to have multiple reference pictures to help me pursue the image I am trying to perceive.

What is your preferred artistic medium or subject to create?

My favorite medium is just regular drawing pencils. I like the way shading and a black-and-white effect of your artwork can keep the viewer guessing. It helps them create questions. It puts an image in their mind that can help them think of colors and a place where they want to be. The image is in their hands to create. It just gave them a starting point.

What are your creative outlets?

Drawing just seems to come naturally to me; I love to draw in my free time. I like to paint, too. I like to paint on rocks or canvases; I usually like to paint clouds or landscapes. I like to take pictures and then recreate them in a drawing. There are many other ways I am a creative person, but these are the things that stick out to me the most.

What other activities do you enjoy?

Other activities I enjoy are running and hanging out with friends. I am in cross country and track. I can run distance and sprints.

I also enjoy spending time with my family. We will play pool, darts, or even ping pong. We also have times where we just watch a movie and talk for hours on end. Family is an important aspect of my life. I would be completely lost without them. They always find ways to make me laugh, and they are just enjoyable to be around.

Thank you, Hanna, for sharing your talent with us!

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