Nelsonville to build new Village Hall

The old Nelsonville Village Hall at 9500 Cty. SS was demolished April 20 to make way for the new Hall.

After several years of planning, the Village of Nelsonville has moved forward with the construction of a new Village Hall. Site work began April 20 with the removal of the previous Village Hall and garage at 9500 Cty. SS. Construction on the hall is expected to begin in late Spring and be completed by Fall. The approximately 1,500-square-foot building will include a meeting space, office, bathrooms, storage, and water access. There will also be parking and accessible entryways.

Due to limitations with the previous Village Hall, including lack of water, bathrooms, inadequate space, and non-accessible entryways, Nelsonville has relied on local businesses, including Ruby Coffee, Alchemy Concrete, and Tomorrow Valley Ag LLC, to accommodate voting and to conduct regular Village business. In addition, structural issues over the last Winter resulted in significant damage to the ceiling and interior of the current Village Hall. Once the new building is completed, Nelsonville will be able to return to conducting its regular business, including voting, at a consistent location.

During the planning process, several options were explored by the Village Board including construction in the Village Park, renovation of the current Village Buildings, and purchasing an existing property. However, the Village Board ultimately decided on remaining at the current location but replacing the existing buildings with a modern one to meet the Village’s needs.

During construction, Village meetings will be held at Alchemy Concrete, 3025 Cty. Q, Nelsonville, and it is expected that the new Village Hall will be open in time for the 2024 elections.

Funding for the project was obtained through the International Bank of Amherst.

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