Fishing streak covers 200 consecutive days

By Michelle and Tim Raddatz

Most 13-year-olds have a streak going, usually having to do with social media. Our daughter, Aubrey, had a streak of her own that had nothing to do with Snapchat or Duolingo. For her, it was a 200-day fishing streak that started in late April. What began as “killing time” during her sister’s soccer practice survived two fairs, summer camps, sports practices, school, and vacations. She fished before school and after practice, often in the dark. She even caught a trout in a dress and heels before her band concert. We began planning around the streak and did everything we could do to support it. We never went anywhere without a fishing rod in each vehicle.

Our family really enjoyed the spontaneous fishing trips, and it led to us fishing more than 30 different bodies of water across the state. As a result, Aubrey caught 18 species of fish. Some memorable catches include her personal best large and smallmouth bass, tiger musky, northern pike, rainbow trout, and crappie.

Along with the highs came some lows, and she came to understand that catching doesn’t always go along with fishing.

Some memorable days in the streak included when we had a busy show day at the fair and “forgot” to fish. Aubrey’s mom wasn’t going to let the streak die while her dad was in Canada on a fishing trip of his own. Her grandpa and mom drove her to the boat landing at 10:30 p.m. so she could cast in a thunderstorm! Midway through the streak, Aubrey stayed with her aunt and uncle for a few days. Her aunt (not a fisherman) asked coworkers where to take a kid fishing and said that the streak was not ending on her watch. Summer camp was a challenge, but we called ahead to ensure that Aubrey could bring a pole and would have time to fish each day.

We are proud of our daughter’s accomplishment and wanted to share it with you. Two hundred days of doing anything is quite a feat! November 12 marked day 200. If you see Aubrey around town, she will likely have a fishing pole in her hand. But don’t ask her where they’re biting; she won’t tell you!

Aubrey Raddatz with the fish she caught on the 200th consecutive day of her fishing streak.


Aubrey Raddatz caught a variety of fish in all kinds of weather during her fishing streak.


Aubrey Raddatz and her father, Tim, with one of Aubrey’s larger catches.


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